Meet Our Instructors

KJN Brianna - Owner & Master Instructor

Kjn Brianna is a 5th Degree Black Belt. She started her Martial Arts journey in 1994 at the age of six and it has been her passion ever since.  Some of her favorite memories are travelling all over the country to compete in Taekwondo tournaments. She is a nine time state and national champion in forms and sparring. While competing, she achieved the title "Junior Female Athlete of the Year". Being a former member of the Ernie Reyes' World Action Team, Kjn Brianna loved performing in demostrations all over the state. With 15 years of teaching experience, she still enjoys seeing her students' excitment as they break through barriers to achieve a new goal. 


CGN Aliana

CGN Aliana is a 1st Degree Black Belt and has been training for almost five years. She has competed in several local tournaments placing top three in her divison. She is a member of our demonstration team. CGN loves teaching students of all ages. She is a role model on and off the mat, many students look up to her and always go to her when they need help.